9. Decorated Cross,
Wigtown Parish Church, Wigtown
Map Ref: NX 436 555

The cross is inside the parish church on Bank Street. The church is open on occasion during the summer. Contact Machars Action (01988 402633) for details.

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The shaft of a 10th century cross decorated on both faces with the beautiful interlace pattern typical of the Whithorn School of carving.

The cross used to stand in the churchyard but was moved inside earlier this century. One face is partly obscured with lime and a Victorian antiquary wrote "the cross has been shamefully ill-treated - used by some ignorant mason to mix his mortar on."

There are a number of 10th century crosses in the Machars. They were probably erected as preaching crosses at sites which later became medieval parish churches.

Wigtown churchyard contains the ruins of the medieval church as well as monuments to local Covenanters executed in 1685. There are some splendid examples of 17th and 18th century gravestones and a careful search of the wall of the old church’s side chapel will reveal another 10th century carved cross, possibly a dedication stone