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A variety of "hands-on" workshops are on offer

Domestic Life,   Schooling in the Past,   Costume,
World War II,   Lighting,  Cooking Implements,
Farming,   Victoriana,   Fossils,
Early People/Archaeology,  Time,
Weights & Measures,   Electricity,

Workshops are held at
Stranraer Museum
and/or at school. Please get in touch for details.

Loans Service

a variety of loan boxes are available

Loan boxes may contain

handling objects, photographs, background information, archival material, videos, activity suggestions & curriculum links. Dont hesitate to call for details of individual boxes.

(accompanied by explanatory notes, curriculum links & activity suggestions)
· Candle mould (double),  · Candle Holder,   · "Strike a Light",   · Paraffin Lamp,   · Candle Holder,   · Candle Snuffer,   · Cruisie Lamp,   · Rush Lamp.

Additional resources
· Illustrated Poster "Rushlights & Candles"  · "Candle Lighting" Eveleigh, D, Shire Album 132  · Gas Lighting, Eveleigh, D, Shire Album 65

Victorian toys & games
(accompanied by explanatory notes, curriculum links & activity suggestions)
These items are reproductions
· Spinning Tops or "Peeries" (5)  · Cup & Balls (5)  · Diabolos (5)   · Girds & Cleeks (5)   · Thaumotrope (1)  · Marbles   · Pick up sticks   · Flick book
Written Resources
· "Museum of Childhood" brochure, Edinburgh  · Making a Thaumotrope instructions sheet  · Make a Kaleidoscope sheet  · Make a Phenakistascope sheets  · Zoetrope sheets

World War II
(accompanied by explanatory notes, curriculum links & activity suggestions)
· Child's Mickey Mouse gas mask  · Adult civilian gas mask in box  · Military field gas mask  · Doctor's helmet  · Spectacles to be work inside gas mask  · Bicycle lamp
· Video cassette "Keeping the wheels turning" Women and children at War (archive film)  · Double audio cassette "The Second World War" Original recordings from the BBC Sound Archives  · Local photographs (16) including Womens land army, troops, Home Guard, RAF, Flying Boats, evacuees  · Posters (4) "Britain Shall Not Burn", "Victory Harvest", "Is Your Journey Really Necessary", "AFS London needs Auxiliary Firemen Now"

Resource folder
(reproductions, photocopies, books & posters)

Mystery Objects
(accompanied by explanatory notes, curriculum links & activity suggestions)
· Wooden clothes peg,   · Prehistoric flint knife,  · Victorian Skirt lifter,  · Horlicks drink mixer,  · Gouge,  · Wooden potato masher,   · Backscratcher,  · Candle mould,  · Hand whisk,  · Sugar tongs,  · Toasting fork (extending),  · Curling tongs

Additional resources
· Object investigation sheets,  · "A Teacher"s Guide to Learning from Objects", English Heritage, 1990 This user-friendly publication explains the theory behind object-based learning, contains a range of activity suggestions and documents and a variety of successful projects.
This resource is invaluable for anyone interested in investigating and learning from objects.

Schooling in the Past
(accompanied by explanatory notes, curriculum links & activity suggestions)
· SAMPLER Worked by Mary Routledge, March 1882,   · SLATES (10) (reproduction),   · STRAP/BELT/TAWSE,   · PEWTER INKWELL,   · NIBS (in sealed container),  · DIPPER PEN,   · SLATE PENCILS (10) and RAGS (10) (reproduction),  · INKWELLS 5 bakelite/5 ceramic.  · PHOTOGRAPHS local Victorian school buildings and groups (10)

Books & Photocopies
Other resources available on request.

Early People
(accompanied by explanatory notes, curriculum links & activity suggestions)
· Flint tools and weapons, cores & flake, microliths, arrowheads, blade, scrapers, knife  · Shale jewellery, armlet pieces & unworked centre  · Spindle whorls (& example of washed and carded fleece)  · Stone tools, axe head, axe hammer, polisher/smoother  · Pottery fragments

· bronze flat, flanged and socketed axe heads  · a selection of archaeological features throughout Wigtownshire
Reference and Resources also available.

Spinning & Weaving
(accompanied by explanatory notes, curriculum links & activity suggestions)
· Teasels,  · Carding paddles   · Drop spindle   · Spun wool   · Fleece samples, uncarded washed, carded washed, rolags,   · Yarn samples,   · Weaving worked on table loom,  · Weaving worked on inkle loom,  · Frame loom and card looms
Video "British Wool Naturally"
Resource pack "From lamb to loom"

(accompanied by explanatory notes, curriculum links & activity suggestions)
· Feather quill,   · Ink pots and dipper pens,  · Local newspaper extracts (1842 - 1953),  · Printing blocks,   · Printing set & stamps
Resource & activities pack
· Extracts from "The Ferry Newsletter" (World War II),  · Writing & Printing notes,   · Printing activity pack,   · "Making the News"  · "Wigtown Free Press" 150th Anniversary information

Nineteenth century Stranraer
(accompanied by explanatory notes, curriculum links & activity suggestions)
CARPENTRY:  Brace. Plane, gouge  SHOE MAKING:  Button hook, shoe last, child"s Victorian boot  DAIRYING:  Card milk bottle tops, cream pots, scotch hands, butter curler
Shops, streets, schools, harbours (late 1800's & early 1900's)
Written material
Commercial directories (1825 - 1852),  Newspaper extracts,   Trade advertisements,   "Learning Through Objects" investigation sheets,  Books "Historic Stranraer" & "Dairy Farming"

Historic Wigtown
(accompanied by explanatory notes, curriculum links & activity suggestions)
SHOE MAKING: Shoe last,  CARPENTRY: Plane, gouge,  DAIRYING: Milk carrier, card milk bottle tops,  LOCAL BUSINESS Chemist labels
Streets, shops, schools, monuments, Churches early 1900's
Written material
Land use maps 1908 & 1974   Extracts from "Historic Wigtown" Burgh survey
Commercial directories 1825 - 1852  Newspaper cuttings

Resource Packs

(accompanied by curriculum links & activity suggestions)
"Over the Sea" exhibition text, Sea travel and trade in Wigtownshire
This pack contains information about
· Harbours,  · Employment,  · Ship breaking,  · Ship building,   · Life boats,   · Lighthouses,   · Ship wrecks,  · Smuggling,  · Trade,  · Fishing,  · Naval history,
Archival Contents List
Additional Resources
· Railways topic pack, Junior Education (including the Railway Game)  · A selection of transport information sheets & sketches (19 & 20th century)   · Portpatrick Railway Investigation Pack extracts, Stranraer Academy (includes extracts from Railway magazine 1900, a map showing companies operating railway lines in SW Scotland prior to 1923, and sketches of locomotive types 1800's)  · Full transport archive list, Wigtownshire Museum Service  · Outline drawings - Seacat and sailing ship

· Notification regarding impending approach of cholera Letter from the General Board of Health, London, 1848
· Vaccination information taken from Public Health (Scotland) Act 1867
· Cholera, infected vessels, harbours & ports
· Extracts from 46th Annual Report of the Board of Supervision for the Relief of the Poor and of Public Health in Scotland 1890-91
· Medical Officer and Sanitary Officer Regulations adopted by the Commissioners for the Burgh of Wigtown Public Health (Scotland) Act 1897
· Extracts from Stranraer Town Council minutes regarding Health & Water 1907-1908
· Annual Reports of County Medical Officer, Sanitary Inspector and Veterinary Inspector, Public Health Department, County of Wigtown. Year ending 31st December 1931.
· Iron Portable Hospital Advertisement
· General resource sheets - questions for reminiscence work, home cures, home nursing, memories of health and hygiene, child mortality in Edinburgh 1911-1915, sample menus for child 18 months upwards, selected adverts. Museum of Childhood, Edinburgh
· History of the Garrick Hospital 1892 - 1992
Compiled for Dumfries and Galloway Health Board

Leisure & Tourism
Extracts from
· "Historic Stranraer" EP Dennison Torrie & Russel Coleman
· "Stranraer and Portpatrick Bonnie Galloway" Stranraer Town Council 1963
· "Wigtown District Guide" 1992
· "The Dumfries & Galloway Guide" 1996/97
· Pictures of "Sea Cat" & "Stena HSS"

Costume photographs (16 photos from the Museum Service collection) Ladies, men"s and children"s wear mid 1800's to early 1900's
Resource pack,   Photograph descriptions,   "Fashion trends from the 1840's to the 1920's" "Making a Crinoline Frame"

Written Material
"The Ross Story" Polar exploration by Sir John and Sir James Clark Ross
Polar Regions fact pack
Polar Links "Antarctica"
Living Arctic posters
Antarctica Resource pack
"Polar Scots" National Museums of Scotland
Junior projects  The Arctic  & "Antarctic"

Birds/Barn Owls
Barn Owl wings for handling
"Winter Visitors to Wigtown Bay" information pack
"Feathers" RSPB project guide
Barn Owl leaflets, exhibition text and activity sheets

The Bee information pack
Bees & Botany exhibition text
Bees activity sheets
The Conservation of bees and wasps, Nature Conservancy Council

We may be able to help with other topics.
Jaime Enstone
Stranraer Museum
(01776) 705088 for details.
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