7b. Whithorn Priory Museum

Admission via the Whithorn Visitor Centre. Open Easter to end of October, 10.30am - 5.00pm.

Crown ©, courtesy of Historic Scotland

The Priory Museum, run by Historic Scotland, has the largest and most important collection of Early Christian and Dark Age carved stones in south-west Scotland. As well as stones from Whithorn the museum has examples from St Ninian's Cave and a number of other sites in Wigtownshire.

Pride of place must go to the Latinus Stone. This rough stone pillar, carved around AD 450, is the oldest Christian monument in Scotland and may have been used as a dedication stone during the building of one of the first churches at Whithorn. Another very early Whithorn stone is inscribed in Latin "The place of Peter the Apostle" and is decorated with an equal-armed cross inside a double circle. The Peter Stone dates from around AD600. It probably marked the boundary of the monastery.

Another fine stone on display here is the Monreith Cross. This beautifully carved free-standing pillar is a perfect example of the Whithorn School of carving and dates from the 10th century.