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Bits and Bodies:
(Age 9-13)
Series of games suitable for the classroom designed to develop the "detective" skills of an archaeologist, eg handling and analysing, recognising and classifying, recording and examining and explaining and concluding - on the basis of everyday objects.

Clues Challenge:
(Age 9-13)
Two young people investigate three different modern houses, answering questions and collecting clues.

The Archaeological Detectives:
(Age 9-13)
Children are shown how to observe and record information about historic buildings.

History at Home:
(Parents, school govenors, in-service training, initial teacher training)
This film introduces teachers and parents to the idea of forming a home-school partnership in history. Clues to the past are all around us, and include family photographs and household objects as well as local buildings

Rescuing Our Past:
(Age 8-13)
The story of rescue archaeology at an Anglo-Saxon site in North Yorkshire threatened by deep ploughing.

In Memoriam:
(GCSE, Highers, teacher training, adult education)
Graveyards and cemeteries provide an educational resource of unparalleled richness as the evidence they contain is ideal for multi-disciplinary studies.

Round Robin & The Titmice:
(one video)
Round Robin - In this award winning film Bernard Cribbins gives a delightful robin's eye view of life in the ordinary British garden.
The Titmice - This captivating film takes an affectionate look at the acrobatic lives of the seven different kinds of tit in Britain.

Flying Birds, Osprey Watch & Birds of the Lake:
(one video)
Flying Birds - Superb photography captures the beauty and excitement of bird flight in a variety of stunning locations. (10mins 17 secs)
Osprey Watch - This film shows a year in the life of the Osprey and looks at the measures taken by the RSPB to protect the bird at Loch Garten. (14 mins 33 secs)
Birds of the Lakes - This film was produced especially for schools and explores the many fascinating adaptations birds have evolved in coming to terms with their watery home.(15 mins 47 secs)

Early One Morning:
An award winning RSPB film which transports the viewer away from the pressure of man's modern world to the beauty of the countryside with its rich and varied wildlife.

Silver Meadows, Talons! & Migration Mystery Tours:
(one video)
Silver Meadows - Wetlands are fertile places with a great diversity of plants, but since the Industrial Revolution 95 per cent of Britain's flood meadows have been lost.(13 mins 18 secs)
Talons - This film shows how superbly adapted birds of prey are for their way of life.(20 mins 13 secs)
Migration Mystery Tours - This film explores the reasons for migration, mapping the journeys made by migrating species such as barnacle geese and swallows.(22 mins 42 secs)

Mud, Glorious Mud & Woodland Web:
(one video)
Mud, Glorious Mud - Tony Soper goes out on the mud flats to look at the variety of wildlife found on mudflats (23 mins)
Woodland Web - This film traces the development of broadleaved woodlands and emphasises the interdependence of the multi-layered community that forms the woodland web. (20 mins 18 secs)

All About Nests, Plumes to Peregrines & High Life of the Rook:
(One video)
All About Nests - A light hearted look at how birds make their nests. (12 mins 40 secs)
Plumes to Peregrines - A film about the founding of the RSPB and the problems facing wild birds today. (14 mins 43 secs)
High Life of the Rook - A film showing life in the rookery. (17 mins 10 secs)

Barn Owl: Bird of Darkness:
This film explores the private life of a pair of barn owls, as well as some of the current conservation issues.(29 mins 15 secs)

A World Within Itself:
This film describes the magical world of an oakwood as the seasons change. The words and theme are from "Through the Woods" by H E Bates. (26 mins 40 secs)

Return to Scotland:
This film describes the history of the south west of Scotland from the cradle of Christianity through Robert the Bruce's stand and Mary, Queen of Scots' flight. It also shows the beauty of the region today, as well as scenes from the Roots '93 gathering of clans.

Keep the Wheels Turning:
Women and Children at War 1939-45
Seven films originally produced for the Ministry of Information focusing on women and children, and the way their lives were affected by the Second World War. (72 minutes)

Motorway to the Past - The Archaeology of South West Scotland:
Major archaeological investigations were mounted in advance of the construction work involved in upgrading the A74 to motorway status. These provided the opportunity to look at a slice of landscape which is also a slice through time. Follow Jimmy MacGregor on a journey through Scotland's past, as archaeologists explore the secrets of one of Scotland's oldest and newest routes.(35 minutes)

Hero or Pirate?:
The Story of John Paul Jones This video tells the story of John Paul Jones, who was born in a humble cottage at Arbigland on the Solway coast but who later become known as the "Father of the American Navy". Produced by Whitehaven Museum

Farming with Steam
A unique insight into the impact steam power had on farming in the 19th century. It shows threshing, ploughing, hauling timber and sawing.

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