3 Laggangarn Standing Stones,
New Luce
Map Ref: NX 222 716

In a forestry clearing on the route of the Southern Upland Way some 10 km from New Luce and 6 km from Balmurrie. This is a long moorland walk and visitors should be properly equipped.

Crown ©, courtesy of Historic Scotland

Two massive prehistoric standing stones are all that remain from a Bronze Age stone circle. Both stones have been decorated with large Latin crosses surrounded by smaller crosses. The style of carving dates the crosses to the 8th century AD. Was this an attempt to Christianise a pagan holy place?

It is said to be unlucky to interfere with the stones. According to tradition a local farmer removed one of the stones to use in a barn he was building. He was bitten next day by a rabid dog and died a horrible, lingering death. Let this be a warning to modern vandals!

This part of the Southern Upland Way follows the medieval pilgrims' route to Whithorn.

The stones are in the care of Historic Scotland.