4. Chapel Finian,
Map Ref: NX 278 489

At the side of the A747 between Glenluce and Port William. Look out for the Historic Scotland sign. Restricted roadside parking nearby. Interpretation board on site.

Crown ©, courtesy of Historic Scotland

The excavated remains of a 10th - 11th century chapel on the shore of Luce Bay. It was probably used by pilgrims on their way to Barhobble and St Ninian's shrine at Whithorn.

The stone foundations of the little chapel can still be seen with its single doorway leading into a one-roomed building. During excavation evidence was found for a simple stone and wood bench running along part of the south wall. The chapel is surrounded by a stone enclosure wall and there is a small stone-lined well close to the road.

The chapel was dedicated to Finian, a 6th century saint who was a major influence on St Columba. Finian, also known by the British name of Uinniau, may have come from Galloway.