Finding out about the Dark Ages

General introductions to Dark Age Britain include:
"Arthur's Britain: history and archaeology" by Leslie Alcock, 1971
"Celtic Britain" by Charles Thomas, 1997
"Picts, Gaels and Scots" by Sally Foster,1996

More detailed information on the local area can be found in:
"Wild Men and Holy Places" by Daphne Brooke, 1995
"The Early Crosses of Dumfries and Galloway" by W G Collingwood (Whithorn Trust and D&GNHAAS reprint 1988)
"Whithorn and St Ninian: the excavation of a monastic town" by Peter Hill, 1997
"Galloway Land and Lordship" edited by Richard Oram and Geoffrey Stell, 1991

A good introduction to the general archaeology of the area is:
"Exploring Scotland's Heritage: Dumfries and Galloway" by Geoffrey Stell, 1996

There are permanent displays of local archaeology in:
Stranraer Museum
The Stewartry Museum,
Dumfries Museum

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This tour is based on the leaflet produced by Dumfries and Galloway Museums Service with assistance from Solway Heritage and Galloway Groundbase..