Eastriggs Heritage Project

Exhibitions and displays relating to the history of the massive HM Factory Gretna built in 1915 Which streched 9 miles, from Annan to Longtown. Photographic, video and taped material are used to tell the story of daily life of the workers and their communities in one of the largest war factories ever built. The exhibition "The Devil's Porridge" ( what Sir Arthur Conan Doyle called the explosive paste made at the factory when he visited )shows how 30,000 people from all over the British Empire came to work in the factory during World War 1. 4 miles East of Annan on the A75 or the B721 through Dornock.

10am-4pm Wednesday to Saturday, 12pm-4pm Sunday.
Eastriggs Heritage Project, St John's Church, Dunedin Road, Eastriggs