- Scotland’s Other National Game -

The origins of curling are unknown. In any part of the world where the climate was cold enough there would be a natural inclination to invent a game of skimming stones on ice. Nevertheless the first records of an organised game emerge in Scotland.

Scotland was the cradle of three popular games, curling, golf and football, yet curling remained uniquely Scottish throughout its heyday. The only record of it being played overseas is amongst Scottish immigrants in North America. In the 18th and 19th centuries it was by far the most widely played sport in Scotland, only the rise of football as a spectator sport in the late 1800s challenged its popularity. Silver medal with curling scene on Duddingston Loch, Edinburgh, 1837
SIC SCOTI: ALII NON AEQUE FELICES. This means, "This is how we do it in Scotland - and the rest are not so fortunate", a reference to the exclusively Scottish nature of curling at the time.

Sanquhar curlers, c. 1900. During this period no other country in the world curled. For 200 years curling was Scotland’s national game.

Sanquhar curlers, c. 1900.

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