Burns House

Activity Sheet

Discover what life was like in the Burns' household during the 1790s...
Explore the works of Robert Burns....
see if you can fill in the missing words as Robert Burns Takes you on a tour of his home!

Come in to The Parlour. This was always a cosy room, with a roaring fire in the grate for the winter. It seems quiet now - my wife Jean and I had five children and this was a lively house.

Can you hear the ticking of the longcase clock?
Which Dumfries clockmaker made it?    _ R _ _ _ _ _ _.
There is a big oil painting hanging on the wall.
In it I am reading to my teacher.
What was my teacher called?   _ O _ _   _ _ _ _ _ _ _.
Look in the case to the left of the painting.
Today many household things are made of plastic. In the eighteenth Century we used materials such as wood, horn, bone and ivory. Can you find a pair of toddy ladles?
What were they made of?   B _ _ _ .
Look in the case beneath the painting.
Can you find my gun?
I would have carried it in my job as an   E _ _ _ _ _   _ _ _ _ _ _ _.
Look in the case to the right of the painting.
This came from a tree that grew on my farm at Ellisland, and has "R Burns 1791" on it.
It is a piece of   _ _ R _.
You can see many of my relatives near the pine dresser!
They are on the   _ _ _ _ _ _   T _ _ _.
Come and have a look at The Kitchen. We were lucky enough to have a maid who helped with the household chores, but it was still hard work.
Over the table you can see an oil painting of my wife.
What was her name?   J _ _ _   _ _ _ _ _ _   _ _ _ _ _.
The floor is made of slabs of local stone.
It is called   _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ E
The rug in front of the fire is recycled!
It is made from torn up strips of cloth or   _ A _.
Find the jug on the dresser. it shows scenes from one of my poems. It tells the story of what can happen if you stay out too late!
The poem is called   _ _ _   _   _ _ _ N _ _ _.
Now climb the stairs and at the top turn right into The Bedroom
Houses were not as warm in the eighteenth Century as they are today, but this sort of bed kept the draughts out! it had lots of covers too.
the black and white covers are called   P _ _ _ _ _ .
We did not have synthetic fibres such as polyester and acrylic then either.
What would the blankets have been made of?   _ O _ _ .
There are two beds in this room.
The big box bed and a small   _ _ _ _ _ E.
There are two pictures over the fireplace, one showing Loch Lomond and the other Abbey Craig, near Stirling. The other pictures in this room are oil paintings but these two are different because they are copies of original paintings.
What sort of pictures are they?   _ _ _ _ T _.
Now go into the little room off the bedroom
I scratched my name on the window here.
To do this I used my diamond   R _ _ _ .
I wrote many of my poems in this little room.
It was called my   _ _ _ _ Y.
Now step across the corridor. when I lived here this was also a bedro0m
Look in the case to your left.
My first book of poetry is downstairs . People liked my poems and very soon a second copy was produced.
It was printed in the city of   _ D _ _ _ _ _ _ _.
Find the big key.
It used to open the door to Burns   _ _ U _ _ _ _ _ _ .
Now turn to the cases in front of the window. look in the left hand case
Can you find my apron? I did not wear it in the kitchen though!
I wore it when I went to a meeting of the   M _ _ _ _ _ .
Look in the right hand case.
There two small boxes made from the wood of the bed in which I died.
What were they made to contain?   _ _ _ _ F.
Can you find something in this case that belonged to my great granddaughter?
It is made of silver and ivory.
It is a   _ _ _ _R   _ _ _ _ _ .
(You can see a photograph of my great granddaughter Jean Armour Burns Brown on the panel to your right.)
Find the bank note. I was very friendly with the Manager of Dumfries Commercial Bank who signed it.
His name was   _ _ _ _ _   _ _ _ _ I _ .
Jean Armour Burns kept many of my things until she died, but then her possesions were sold at an auction.
What did the auctioneer, John Richardson, use to show that something had been sold?   _ _ _ _ E _ .
This helped me to walk!
It was my walking   S _ _ _ _ .

I declare that (Name)..............................................
Of (Address)...............................................................
accompanied me on a tour of Burns House,
On (Date)...................................................................
Robert Burns